About Wyshwood Studio

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Before "Clive 'N' Wrench", there was a thirty year climb through the various windows of opportunity that composing, recording, mixing and mastering music has to offer. From choirs to live bands to enthusiastic individuals, Wyshwood has fulfilled dreams and promoted personal ambitions through precision recording and painstaking audio excellence.

Like a sponge soaking up sounds from everywhere, Wyshwood endeavours to create original music with flavours to suit. Briefings are frequent to hone in on what is required.  A careful balance of modern soundscapes and traditional instruments serve to pepper the tunes with authentic spices that keep them alive in the moment.

Now comes the alchemy.  The ears are magical instruments in their own right, possessing the ability to pick out all manner of subtleties within the music.  Wyshwood likes to deliver ambiance with a hook.  Something that lives with the environment but also stands alone as a memorable piece.  "Clive 'N' Wrench" is one such example because it crosses all genres, showcasing Wyshwood's abilities in a concise manner.